When I was young, the First Amendment meant something. There was a liberal Supreme Court and you bet your ass they weren't going to allow Big Brother to infringe upon it. The 60's are now a thing of the past; infringement is the norm and the First Amendment is the last thing this city's' administration cares about.

For me, it's not just freedom of speech, it's freedom of expression and freedom to do what I damn well please. After all, is it not what those revolutionaries we now call the Founding Fathers came here for? In this city the omnipotent Giuliani has shot it all to hell. He's done some pretty nasty brutalizing of what was once the First Amendment in what used to be a liberal stronghold.

However, while there is plenty of censorship and curtailing of fundamental rights going on here, I am quite apathetic to most of the constitutional violations committed by the Giuliani Gestapo. I am no Don Quixote battling some hegemonious censorship, I just want to be able to express myself.

I don't care about the city employee who, after speaking to the media, was suspended from her job in a retaliatory fashion. After all, the regulations of the Administration for Children's Services do forbid employees from speaking to the media regarding their agency without first obtaining permission from the agency's media relations department.

The courts took care of that when they stated that "it is essential that employees be able to speak out freely... without fear of retaliatory dismissal."

I don't care about the City regulation barring artists from exhibiting their work for sale in public places. Sure it was found unconstitutional, and yes, the Court of Appeals for New York, a court second only to the Supreme Court, found that "the City has demonstrated an unduly restricted view of the First Amendment." I don't care because the courts saw to its undermining.


I don't care that a member of Giuliani's staff pressured the MTA into removing a bus advertisement which "clearly criticized the most prominent member of the City's government on an issue relevant to his performance of office, subtly calling into question whether the Mayor is actually responsible for the successes of the City for which he claims credit." It doesn't bother me so much because the courts held that Giuliani was guilty of censorship, which was "particularly abhorrent to the First Amendment."

Do I mind that Giuliani prevents people from expressing themselves on the steps of City Hall by barricading it off from the public?

No, I don't really care about that although City Hall has traditionally been the most public of forums in which to express one's belief and if the Mayor wants to arbitrarily prevent people from using City Hall as a platform to get their message across, who am I to complain? During his recent visit to New York City, the Mayor of Jerusalem stated that security concerns are always a factor, given the prevalence of terrorism in his city, in allowing people into Jerusalem's City Hall. The difference is, there is not a complete bar to entering Jerusalem's City Hall. I don't live in Jerusalem, I live in Manhattan and I don't need to go to City Hall all that much so I really don't care. In fact, I don't care about the eight-foot fence surrounding City Hall Park. After all the sign on the fence clearly reads that it is to protect us from park construction, not to prevent us from demonstrating in the Park. The mayor is no fool, but I wonder how foolish he thinks the citizens of the city really are.

Let me tell you what I am championing: all-nude strip bars baby! I mean, what the hell is this shit, no nudity or pornography in Times Square. My God, what has happened to our City? I can't even buy a porno movie but I can go watch Nicole Kidman take it all off in "The Blue Room."

If that's not selective enforcement then Giuliani is a legislative mastermind. I don't want to hear about the artistic characteristics of "The Blue Room", because it sucked and art to me is watching Anal Molly take it by TT-Boy and his main squeeze, that's art to me. The same law that bars Chesty D Cupp from taking it off at Playworld doesn't prevent Nicole Kidman from getting down in "The Blue Room?" Just because Giuliani isn't able to enjoy his erotic tendencies since he's a public figure and he just might get caught cock in hand like George Michael doesn't mean I should suffer. I demand that the strip clubs reopen.


I don't even care this City's routinely prevents parades and protests from happening by withholding the necessary permits.I don't care that people on the good side of a former prosecutor we now call Mayor have no problem parading down Fifth Avenue, because I know the courts will take care of that. I guess what I care about is the strip clubs being forced to close down. But if I start to think about it all the things I don't really care about, well, they must probably be important to some other shmuck and although I might not care about it, because it doesn't readily affect me, I should. Let us not become too consumed by our own lives and be complacent about what's going on. Yeah, the courts will take care of most of it, but what about you and I, have we lost our say with the new Giuliani Way?


Author : William Milano

Model : Anjoua

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