There is nothing ordinary about me or my journey through the city. Although I am a changed man today, I have been the scorn of many women in the past. I'm the guy who never called backed, left in the middle in the night never to hear from again. The fuck, literally, who women loved to hate, but secretly want to be with. The flashing light on the answering machine, which she'd hope, is I, but isn't. I'm the one she wished she hadn't been promiscuous with. I'm the asshole who has treated women poorly simply to let them know that they are not the only evil creatures. All in all women have taught me well. I think it was Nietzche who said "the more challenging or threatening the situation or context to be assimilated and affirmed, the greater the person who can achieve it." I equate some of my more unusual experiences with women predators as a ritualistic game of chess with the Devil. The presence of Lucifer is an undeniably force. I've come face to face with him a few times in my life. I have accepted what most men could not handle and like Odysseus I have travel long and hard to find my Penelope. Along the way I have heard the luring cries of the Seirenes, the sound and beauty designed to bewitch men. They can sing your mind away and they are produced by Darkness himself. I know this because I've seen the shadows on the walls and like Odysseus I broke free. Most men who have found themselves in my predicament fail, not only because they are weak, but also because women are generally stronger.
The perspective, which I speak from, has evolved from knowing women better than the ordinary male. I've found that looks alone doesn't get you the orgasm that women need but will go without. I understand and admire the complexity of a woman. The mental and emotional fortitude of woman is unmatched by most men. The fake orgasm is a testament to a mentally superior being. A woman fakes an orgasm not for the amusement of the act, but to placate her man. Her decision is based on knowing that her partner will "feel" better emotionally if he thinks she had an orgasm. The act itself may be deceiving, but most men overlook the reason why this is done. 20 Men would never think about faking (although I'm sure some have) because it's easy for men to orgasm. The male orgasm although powerful is simple when compared to the elements that are necessary for a woman to climax. The mental titillation of sex is critical to the female orgasm. Men can't conceal arousal because it's a physical reaction. A woman's arousal begins in the mind and the physical comes later. For women foreplay begins before conversation snowballing into physical arousal. When a woman fakes an orgasm she's actually being nice to her man, it goes beyond the physical to the mental. Emotionally women are more mature and therefore more intelligent than men. Women make decisions with their hearts and their minds, men decided with either one or the other, rarely both. The Rhesus monkey, an ancestor of human beings (if we accept the evolution theory) procreates with all dominant males in the clan. Whether in the wild or clinically controlled the female Rhesus monkey will have intercourse, back to back in some instances, with different males in the group. This promiscuous behavior isn't done for the same reason women do it today, it's done so that she can secure survival of her offspring. Often rival males in a clan will intentionally kill offspring that isn't theirs just to secure their own dominance in the future. The female in this case sidesteps that danger by intentionally confusing the males into thinking that the offspring is theirs. Since they are not sure if the offspring is theirs they either assist in supporting them or just leave them alone. She effectively averts and plans for the male's insecurity of being challenged by a younger and stronger male while enjoying it all the more. Clinical studies have proven that female Rhesus monkeys orgasm. The timing of the orgasm is interesting, she doesn't climax on the first male because his ejaculation is quick. How many men out there have ruined the perfect date with an eight stroke sexual performance? Well don't feel bad the Rhesus male shares your plight. The fact is that she orgasms later after warming up on a few of the males sort of like one of the Zane Brothers porno flicks where the woman gets it by like six or seven mindless guys with tree trucks for dicks. Usually she warms up on a couple before she really starts to enjoy it or she's drugged out to numb the ass tearing. I understand why the female monkey does what she does, I don't get why some women today dehumanize themselves in that manner. I know men, like the way I used to be, have something to do with it. Women always had to be smarter than men are because men were physically stronger. Females had to learn how to use sex against men early on. In evolutionary terms the female orgasm developed as an ancillary benefit to survival of the fittest.
They don't need us as much as men think they do. In fact, I've learned that some women do just fine without cock, they can pleasure themselves just fine without the bumbling, impudent, stamina lacking man. Men on the other hand have limited fuck potential. Men have a limited room to maneuver in considering the female potential for multiple orgasms.
Sure, some of us men can have multiple orgasms, I have been lucky enough to experience that feeling, but a woman can literally have double-digit orgasms. This makes many men uneasy with their own sexuality and makes others like myself respect and adore woman for their inner mysteries and innate powers that are associated with being a woman.
In all sincerity men are no competition for the all mighty woman. Men think they're strong and the reality of it is that men would never be able to endure the pain of delivering a child. The first experience of an infant is that of the mother making her the more immediate parent, after all we are born from the mother.
It is no coincidence that Joseph Campbell states, "the Myths of the Great Goddess teach us compassion for all living beings. There you come to appreciate the real sanctity of the earth itself, because it is the body of the Goddess". In the Egyptian tradition you have Mother Heaven, the Goddess Nut, who is represented as the heavenly sphere. Campbell again says, "The human woman gives birth just as the earth gives birth to the plants. She gives nourishment, as the plants do. So woman magic and earth magic are the same. They are related. And the personification of the energy that gives birth to forms and nourishes forms is properly female. It is the agricultural world of ancient Mesopotamia. The Egyptian Nile, and the earlier planting culture systems that the Goddess is the dominant mythic form." The dominant woman tradition continued through out history. The Greek myths personified the archtypical power and beauty women possess. Respect for the women deities is expressed throughout all of the Greek Mythological traditions. A great example of female outwitting man is the Myth of Athena and Poseidon's' dispute over the city of Athens. Poseidon who was equal to his brother Zeus in dignity though not in power was of a quarrelsome nature. He once claimed possession of Attica by thrusting his Trident into the acropolis at Athens, where a well of seawater immediately gushed out. Later Athena came and took possession in a gentler manner, by planting the first olive tree beside the well. Poseidon in a fury, challenged her to single combat. Zeus himself interposed and ordered then to submit the dispute to arbitration. Zeus himself expressed no opinion, but while all the other Gods supported Poseidon, all the Goddesses supported Athena. Thus by a majority of one the court ruled that Athena had the better right to the land, because she had given it the better gift. A representation of power depicted in mythology as protection of the city Athens. Her gift of an olive tree to the city was considered more useful to it's citizens than the great geyser Poseidon created with the strike of his Trident. The olive tree, Athena's contribution to Greece gave it the product to become a major force in commerce. In many ways men have trained women to be mentally sharper than them and there is much to be learned from the more sensual human. My own experience with women has brought me closer to myself and my Goddess. I found her when I changed my ways, when I shed my old self there she was my Beatrice, my Penelope shining on me. For me there was no falling in love, for I walked hand in hand with her into the bliss of love. My journey is no different than one most men travel, just more honest. I've learned that when your open to yourself the enlightenment is endless and when love touches our hearts we transform, literally into new beings. CREDITS:

Author: Harry Hans

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