Almost everyone will say that she wasn't sexy when she was younger, as if it really had anything to do with why Dame Judi Dench is one of the most respected actors of our time. In her 60's, after Mrs. Brown, Shakespeare in Love, and an exceptional performance in Amy's View. Dame Judi Dench has been dubbed "sexy" as if it was a qualifying characteristic of stardom.

Judi, (as everyone calls her) is a woman who has overcome the odds with perseverance and pure talent in her craft, reaching the apex of her career in both theater and film simultaneously. Few actors, even the most successful ever receive the kind of recognition Judi has had over the last year. In Amy's View her performance opens you up as you sympathize with her character Esme. On Film she can dazzle you with the ease in which she portrays the most difficult characters flawlessly. Only Judi can make you love, hate and fear her within seconds of any her performances. It shouldn't matter how sexy she is because she is a fantastic actor.

More than sexy, Judi is soulful. She is an inspiration to young Actors everywhere who struggle with their own identities and physical imperfections to achieve that moment of truth, which Judi captures time and time again. "She shares herself with everyone," I heard one woman say as I was walking out of the theater, and I couldn't put it better myself. Judi Dench is wonderful because she shows us parts of herself that we feel in ourselves.

The final scene of Amy's View, exemplifies her profound abilities. "It comes with the passage of time," she says responding to the question of her skill, "how do you do it" from curious young actor, "you go deeper -- right down to the core." The glistening unmistakable core Judi describes about her character also holds true for who she is. You walk away from Amy's View with the hope that you may understand yourself the way in which she must, in order to give such an exhilarating show.

For those who understand what "the passage of time" is designed to do, the journey is more real and certainly more fulfilling. Dame Judi seduces you with genuine honesty, revealing her soul, and showing you yours with the same stroke. The truth and the beauty shine right from her core, and that's sexier and more attractive than physical sex appeal will ever be. As I sat there fixated on her I couldn't help but realize the importance of what Judi Dench personified; truth beauty. Keats must have had her in mind when he wrote those very words.

I think of the young actors out there who work endlessly at their craft. Some will succeed, but most will fail. I wonder how many fail because they don't understand themselves well enough to play another character. Shakespeare wrote, "be true to thine own self, as the night follows day, thou canst be false to any man. " Judy Dench is real, so much so that you can't tell if she is acting, and maybe she's not, therein lies the genius in her work. She has all the right in the world to be fabulous, and the funny thing is that she is as nice as she is awe inspiring both on stage and off.