the latest imnyc gallery installation features:

MARIE JOXE -otherworldly digital illustrations imported from Paris!
-NAC's retrospective of 1950's-60's photo-portraiture including PHILIP ROTH, ANAIS NIN, JEAN COCTEAU, as well as her husband, ARTHUR MILLER
-traditional Chinese figurative paintings by local Feng Shui master, and gallery curator.
-into her third decade of sculptural realism, NY artist's new works... painting with fire.
-one downtowner's figurative mixed media, and acrylics on canvas.

SITE SPECIFIC - Nathalie Wechsler talks to JULIA MANDLE and SAID MAHROUF about J Mandle Performance.
THE NEW BRONZE AGE - NY art veteran CAROLE A. FEUERMAN talks about the formation of her end of the century figure abstractions cast in bronze.

THE FINE ART OF PLACEMENT- Feng Shui Master ZAIHONG SHEN talks to Nathalie Wechsler about the flow of places and spaces in Manhattan.

New Fashion Spread - INBOUND - Photographer Mathew Doyle's underground fashion vision

KATE DILLON MEASURES UP- Drastic measures within the world of modeling and one woman's struggle to redefine beauty.

SPRING'S NEW WINGS- Indian born ALPANA BAWA believes in decorating for otherworldly encounters.

IVY SUPERSONIC: THE METHOD TO THE MADNESS- NY hat designer proves once again that SEX sells.

MODEL CITIZEN: DAMASA- see and hear WILHELMINA model DAMASA speak out about the military, to the runway, to New York, and beyond. [MP3 and WAV audio files]

HOROSCOPES [Flash]- Macromedia Flash presentation with astrological insights by AMBIAß

ASTROGLIDE- the sexological ramifications of the Heavenly bodies on you!

WINTER'S SOULSTRESS: KEIVA LOGAN- special IMNYC vocal montage of Soul Sister Keiva's 'Bubble Zone' set to the music of ERAN TABIB. [MP3 and WAV audio files]

INNER CITY SULTRY: VANESSA DAOU- covergirl/singer/artist talks to Sean Pamphilon about the release of her 5th album, 'Dear John Coltrane'. [streaming real audio of tracks]

THE NIGHTFLY: AUDREY BERNSTEIN- Chef gets the lowdown on the architecture of parties in Manhattan and Karaoke from the 'Mothra Matriarch' herself.

NEFFERVESCENCE:SQUEAKY CLEAN INTERVIEW WITH CAROLYN NEFF- Screen and print beauty from Dallas, TX comes clean with IMNYC on freedom of choice, acting in NY, and which sense she would give up.

THE STATE OF TENESSEE- New production of six rarely seen one act plays from Tennessee Williams

DIGITAL DIM SUM- imnyc party pix from around town remind you of where you could have been, if you weren't in front of your computer.