"they may get one or two of us but we travel through the Internet anonymously, not even close members of hacker groups ever reveal their true identities." The terror, which they instill, is surgically directed at specific government sites and the computers which house them.

The NY Times (6.1.99) recently reported that these freedom fighters recently left a message on the Interior Departments web page threatening more havoc if the FBI doesn't stop harassing hacker groups for the May 23rd break in to the White House website. "Now it's our turn to hit them where it hurts by going after every computer on the net with a. gov. We'll keep hitting until they get down on their knees and beg." The hacker who took responsibility for the for the attack on the site which is maintained by the Idaho National and Engineering and Environmental Laboratory identifies himself as M1crochp, and claims that "if the FBI doesn't stop, each member of F0rpaxe will discuss the eventual destruction of every single server."


Here we present to you our 20 questions with a reformed hacker, conducted anonymously on a remote IRC server.


Q1: What's the closest you've come to being caught?
A1: Being what? :)

Q2: What's the biggest infiltration you've been apart of, or heard of?
A2: White Sands Missle Range. Pull down menus. "Click here to fire."
Use your imagination.

Q3: When did you start hacking (or what was your first attempt)?
A3: When I was 13 my parents got an $800 phone bill. They never got

Q4: What computer did you start on?
A4: TRS-80.


Q5: Best/Worst portrayal of a hacker in a movie?
A5: BEST-Matthew Broderick, War Games.
WORST-Sandra Bullock, The Net.

Q6. What role do you think hackers play in society, especially as society as a whole becomes more dependant on computers.
A6: They dictate and expediate innovation.

Q7: What do you think of viruses (and their creators) like Melissa for example?
A7: Don't believe the hype.

Q8: What is your vision of the internet in 10 years? 20 years?
A8: Visualize a large desolate parking lot. 20 years? A large desolate multilevel parking lot.

Q9: Have you trained any younger hackers to carry the torch?
A9: Computering hacking isn't a jedi training camp. For the most part is a cooperative effort aimed at simliiar goals.


Q10: Should society be scared of hackers?
A10: In a world where it's trendy to gun down classmates and release millions of gallons of oil into our oceans, why should society fear a bunch of computer geeks? Fear stupidity, not intelligence.

Q11: What kind of damage could a really good hacker do to a major metropolis like NYC?
A11: Shutdown the telecommunications and data communications within the financial capital of the world in under 30 minutes.

Q12: What kind of personal information can a hacker find out about someone who is not even involved with computers firsthand.(ie, a bluecollar worker, or anyone who never really touches computers.)
A12: No Comment

Q13: What's the funniest hacker related story you can recall.
A12: No Comment


Q14: Any stories of pirate broadcasts, or surveillance?
A14: Of course.

Q15: Do you see security on line stepping up to meet the challenges that hackers represent?
A15: fortunately not.. more opportunity to make money fixing their problems.
and making them less hackable

Q16: Is any security device on-line "foolproof 100%"?
A16: only one way to make something 100% foolproof.. turn it off.

Q17: If there were no serious federal, or otherwise, ramifications for such an act, where would be the ultimate hacker wet dream to access?
A17: besides larry flynt's personal unpublished porno collection, the DOD. (Department of Defense)


Q18: Is the access to information addictive?
A18: yes.

Q19: If the government offered you a job to undermine & infiltrate other government systems, would you take it?
A19: working for facists sucks.. but depends if they paid more than the public sector.. being a technological whore.. i go to the highest bidder. of course i wouldn't want to hurt anyone though.. and i'd have to remain anonymous from my employers.

Q20: If someone presented you with a hack-related task for their benefit, where would you draw the line at helping them?
A20: In this age of digital Darwanism, some of us are ones; most are zeros.



The war has begun and if the FBI website being forced offline is any indication of whom is winning, then the Federal Government has its work cut out for itself. Hackers have been attacking FBI, Senate and the National Infrastructure Protection sites since late May, and vow to continue unless the FBI halts harassing hacker groups. This is all quite amusing to watch but the ramifications are serious. The future is here. Terrorism has now been taken to the newest frontier, The Internet, and the outcome will certainly affect every one of us in one way or another.


 They may be young and physically incapable of intimidating anyone, but the new breed of Hackers are fearless in their pursuit to make sure that the US Government doesn't violate any of their freedoms. "Let the games begin," says one hacker who will only be identified as sh1m0n during an online interview, "the government will have their hands full with hackers ,"..........