the latest imnyc gallery installation features:

MARIE JOXE -otherworldly digital illustrations imported from Paris!
-NAC's retrospective of 1950's-60's photo-portraiture including PHILIP ROTH, ANAIS NIN, JEAN COCTEAU, as well as her husband, ARTHUR MILLER
-traditional Chinese figurative paintings by local Feng Shui master, and gallery curator.
-into her third decade of sculptural realism, NY artist's new works... painting with fire.
-one downtowner's figurative mixed media, and acrylics on canvas.


SITE SPECIFIC - Nathalie Wechsler talks to JULIA MANDLE and SAID MAHROUF about J Mandle Performance.

PAUL RICHARD - the medium is the message- brooklyn artist reveals the fine art of signage.

CONFESSIONS OF A HACKER- thought provoking electronic interplay via anonymous email.

BLUEBALLING THE FIRST AMENDMENT- sex,censorship & the american way is on the agenda for this native son.

MIND OVER MATTER- shao-lin style- shi yan ming breaks it down for imnyc.

CONFERSSIONS OF A PLEASURE BROKER- one new yorkers views on mythology, multiple orgasms and the bliss of love.

KATE DILLON MEASURES UP- Drastic measures within the world of modeling and one woman's struggle to redefine beauty.

IVY SUPERSONIC: THE METHOD TO THE MADNESS- NY hat designer proves once again that SEX sells.

MODEL CITIZEN: DAMASA- see and hear WILHELMINA model DAMASA speak out about the military, to the runway, to New York, and beyond. [MP3 and WAV audio files]

HOROSCOPES [Flash]- Macromedia Flash presentation with astrological insights by AMBIAß

PLAYING WITH FIRE: TED E.- spontaneous combustion with ted e. - new york's own nocturnal fire hazard lighting up the night.

INNER CITY SULTRY: VANESSA DAOU- covergirl/singer/artist talks to Sean Pamphilon about the release of her 5th album, 'Dear John Coltrane'. [streaming real audio of tracks]

FREEZERBURN: CHILLFREEZ- stone cold chillin with dj chillfreez - brooklyn b-boy keeps it real with imnyc. .wav & mp3 audio for tracks.

ROY AYERS- the evolution of revolution- imnyc gets down with the godfather of jazz-funk & acid jazz.

UPTOWN MESSIAH- an interview with streetscape artist james de la vega. the writing's not only on the wall, but on the sidewalk as well.

DIGITAL DIM SUM- imnyc party pix from around town remind you of where you could have been, if you weren't in front of your computer.