Horoscopes by Hillary Kelleher (email Hillary)

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
You can relax now that your ruler Mars has finally moved out of Scorpio,
where he'd been brooding since early July. Although your follow-through was
stronger than usual, it must have been hard to keep your emotions under
control. Healthy competition may have turned to all out combat, especially
as things changed ways you hadn't bargained for. With Mars in Sagittarius
through October 16th, expect to feel lighter, even philosophical about stuff.
As Mars races past transforming Pluto on September 15th, you might find
yourself reconsidering how you fit into the big picture. This would be a
wonderful time to travel, to meet with academic advisors or to embark on a
challenging wilderness expedition. (A word of caution: think before you
act-Martian courage can veer toward the foolhardy , and Sagittarius can be
accident prone.) The new moon on September 9th kicked off a new cycle at
work, providing a nice opportunity to take care of nagging details. Start
getting the new filing system in place, do the budget, that sort of thing.
This is also a good time to begin a new health regimen. If you're feeling
low-energy, why not try a different diet or add a sport to your gym routine?
Trining Saturn increases the chances that you'll stick it. Venus is presiding
over your house of fun and self-expression through October 7th. Creative
projects go well, and you find yourself communicating with unusual tact and
grace. That could be one reason you're so successful romantically lately.
The full moon on September 25th highlights one-on-one relationships-with both
partners and opponents. The challenge will be to communicate your side of
the story while maintaining an awareness of the other personas perspective.
If your having trouble, check out Difficult Conversations, the new release
from the Harvard Negotiation Project, the team of writers who brought us
Getting To Yes. Battles can be won without casualties this time
around--training Venus helps temper your temper, while opposing Mercury makes
give and take possible. Oh, I almost forgot to mention you're in one of
the best financial cycles in ages. Jupiter (the cosmic gift-giver) visits your
house of earned income through October 22, then again from February 15th
through June 29th. Given your continuing focus on work and diplomacy, this
could be a great time to ask (nicely!) for a raise. Not that you ever have
trouble asserting yourself.

Taurus (April 21-May 21)
The shake ups in your relationships and professional life over the summer
were almost enough to test your much-lauded patience. To make matters worse,
Venus was virtually asleep on her job of blessing your home and family. Not
to despair-with beneficent Jupiter in your first house, I suspect your core
identity is intact-whatever falls away during this period was simply
obscuring your view. Anyway, life's about to become a whole lot more fun and
romantic when Venus moves through earthy Virgo from October 7th through
November 8th. The new moon on September 9th provided a quick preview of the
positive energy coming your way-use the boost to kick off creative projects
and firmly express who you are (even if you're not exactly sure just now).
Mars will be heating up your house of transformation through October 16th,
possibly bringing a few more changes. When Mars gets together with Pluto
(planet of death and rebirth) around September 15th emotions run high around
boundary issues, so be especially scrupulous about what belongs to you and to
other people. Now for the good news: Mars and Pluto rev up your libido and
may also send a surprise gift from the universe in the form of a good deal on
a loan, a stock dividend or an unexpected inheritance. Finally, the full
moon on the 25th finds you unusually intuitive-trust your hunches around this
period and pay attention to your dreams. On the night of the 24th, try
visualizing the goals you would like to achieve next month. Chances are
they'll manifest by the October full moon--in your own sign.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21)
If your wit was less agile than usual over the summer, you haven't lost your
touch. Mercury (your ruler) was out of phase. With Mercury stronger than
ever in Virgo, you can make up for lost time now. You might even notice some
purpose in your cleverness. Take care what you say to whom, though. Not
everyone takes things with your degree of levity. With the energy from the
September 9th new moon, you may be want to get your house in order or work on
communication with roommates and family. Perseverance will pay off if
obstacles appear, and improvements are likely to last, due to Saturn's
solidifying influence. Not to worry about getting housebound-the social
energy around the full moon on September 25th practically forces you out the
door. And with Venus batting her eyes in your house of communications
through October 7, you'll be more charming than ever. Your verbal flirtations
may even have a certain unironic warmth. (That's not to say you can't change
your mind later.) Writing projects flow smoothly, as do translations, local
travel and other stuff you like. Now is the time to do as much connecting as
possible--another Mercury retrograde period is coming up from November 2nd
through 24th. Mars energizes relations with significant others (including
opponents) and revs up your libido through October 16. As Mars passes
Pluto-planet of deep transformation-on September 15, partners become
especially assertive and interested in airing previously unspoken issues.
Always glad to talk and analyze, you may find yourself working through long
standing relationship issues this week. A word of caution: Mars can bring
out anger and aggression--use your verbal dexterity to avoid harmful
exchanges and be aware that what we dislike most in another person is
sometimes an unacknowledged part of ourselves. (If you're stuck, check out
Harville Hendrix's classic guides to exploring unconscious projection in
relationships.) With Jupiter in your 12th house through October 22, your
intuition is heightened . Go with your hunches and trust your dreams even if
they don't make logical sense yet. Use creative imaging techniques to plant
seeds of what you to manifest around the new year. Or apply your analytic
abilities toward interpreting messages from other realms. What ever happened
to the ancient art of augury?

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Freud believed that, at the end of the day, all that mattered was love and
work. These days are definitely about the latter for you. Concentrate on
getting career on course now, and look forward to more passionate relations
with significant others in late October and November. Throughout September
you'll have lots of energy for day-to-day work-but is this really what you
want to be doing with your life? If you're current job doesn't do it, use
the time to prepare for the professional opportunities coming your way around
the September 25th full moon. Tie up loose ends at the office, get the
filing done, and then redo your own resume. With Jupiter in your house of
friends through October 22 you can definitely count on support from your
social circle. This is a great time for networking and teamwork. Committees
run smoothly and seem open to your concerns. Why not get people interested
in important causes like caring for the homeless, the environment, and the
creatures who share our planet. This moon is just a preview of the action in
you career house from October 23rd through February 14th. Get ready now!
With vital Mars meeting transforming Pluto in your 6th house, this would also
be a good time to review health issues-investigate new vitamins, try out some
herbs, or start a cleansing program. They say each cell in the body replaces
itself every seven years-if you could have a whole new body seven years from
now, what would it look like? One last thing: if you're feeling uprooted
after this summer's eclipse of the moon (your ruler), don't worry too
much--in November you'll have ample opportunity to beautify your home or make
a new nest completely. If you're busy with career and relationship stuff by
then, you could always hire a feng shui practitioner.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Too much upheaval is enough to shake the confidence of even the King of the
Jungle. But it's also a chance to figure out who and what that big heart of
yours really loves. Try not to worry if you can't tell where all this is
headed just yet-Venus keeps your core identity in balance through October
7th, and Jupiter protects your public image through October 22. You may even
find you don't need the spotlight so much after all-you're becoming the
illumination itself. As your natural virtues of courage, integrity,
leadership shine through, others bask in your radiance, and not simply as
audience members. The new moon on September 9th provided a chance to review
your finances-just what are you doing with the money you earn? Are you
spending it on what you most value? Venus helps you answer these questions
after October 7th and may even boost your income. From September 2nd through
October 16th, Mars supplies energy for creative self-expression of all
kinds-performance, entertainment, and romance, hanging out with children, to
name a few of your favorite activities. When Mars gets together with Pluto
(planet of death and rebirth) on September 15th, use the extra fiery energy
to work break through creative blocks and release whatever's inhibiting you
from having as much fun as possible. A note to Leonine performers: plan
auditions around this time-you're sure to be more magnetic than ever! Be
extra diplomatic with directors and producers, though-Pluto can stir up power
issues. When the sun (your ruler) moves into Libra on the Autumnal Equinox,
communication becomes important. Writing projects go well, as do on-line
exchanges. This would be an excellent time to redesign your web page or work
on aesthetic issues in your writing. Siblings and neighbors may be impressed
by (get this!) your tact and finesse in negotiating. Finally, the full moon
on September 25th finds you unusually philosophical about how you fit into
the bigger picture. This is a great time for expanding your horizons,
consulting academic and religious advisors or contemplating nature. As
Emerson put it in 1836, "In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There
I feel that nothing can befall me in life-no disgrace, no calamity which
nature cannot repair. Standing on the bare ground-my head bathed by the
blithe air and uplifted into infinite space-mean egotism vanishes. I become
a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I see all."

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Whatever glitches you encountered over the summer (while your ruler Mercury
was out of phase) can be taken care of now. As we draw toward the Autumnal
Equinox on September 21, the whole universe is very Virgo. Everyone needs
your focus and discrimination as we attempt to separate the wheat from the
chaff of this year's harvest-a difficult task after August's disorienting
eclipses. Since the new moon on September 9th, many of your associates have
been concerned with health and productivity-issues you definitely have
something to say about. Just make sure your advice doesn't sound like
negative criticism-squaring Mars provides abundant energy but could also
provoke arguments, especially with family, roommates and anyone else in your
domestic sphere. (For tips on how to communicate your needs without carping,
check out Difficult Conversations, an insightful new release from the Harvard
Negotiation Project.) This is also a great time to reorganize your living
space, come up with a new filing system, or finish arts and crafts projects
around the house. As Mars passes by Pluto (planet of transformation) on
September 15th, you may even find yourself tossing stuff altogether.
Luckily, with Jupiter in your ninth house through October 22, you'll be
unusually inclined to let details slide in favor of larger issues. Why
bother cleaning your room if it's going to be totally remodeled? If you do
decide to remodeling, consider taking a trip while the construction's going
on-foreign travel is especially auspicious for Virgos now. Writing projects
also go well-even if you have to struggle to draw broad conclusions from
detailed evidence. The full moon on September 25th continues the theme of
transformation and letting go. It also brightens you house of "other
people's money" as they ancients called it. Don't be surprised by a good deal
on a loan, a nice return on a mutual fund, or an unanticipated inheritance!
Special note: On September 11, slumbering Venus awoke in your house of
dreams, heightening psychic ability and poetic sensitivity. If workaday
concerns occasionally give way to mystical yearnings, you're not losing
focus. Let these inspirational images incubate in your unconscious, until
they manifest in mid-October.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)
On the Autumnal Equinox (the balancing point between the longest and shortest
days of the year), the Libran scales will be activated once again. This is
your time to shine, or should I say, to measure, weigh, deliberate and
attempt to establish harmony. After such a steamy and eventful summer, the
rest of us are relying on your natural grace, refinement and civility, which
you're most willing to bestow--social creature that you are. In the
meantime, take a few moments of solitude (if you can stand it)-the September
9th new moon have stirred up your unconscious. With Mercury so closely
conjunct, you may find yourself articulating thoughts and feelings previously
below the surface. (Why not adopt Freud's motto: "where id is, ego shall
be." If you're at all discontent, this would be a great time to start
therapy-having a partner in healing would probably suit you better than going
it totally alone. If you're completely happy and healthy, just enjoy your
heightened intuitive powers, pay attention to your dreams and trust your
hunches. Through October 16th Mars boosts your already refined communication
skills. Relations with siblings and neighbors may get closer as you share
information. Gossip can be fun and harmless, but take care not to step on
anyone's toes-Mars can cause emotions to run high. As Mars meets up with
transforming Pluto around September 15th, you'll have an opportunity to break
through any writing, speaking or other communication blocks. This would also
be a great time to redesign your web page soup up your computer system. Make
sure to back up files first-Pluto's also called the planet of death and
rebirth, and that doesn't sound great for data on hard drives. The full moon
on September 25th illuminates significant relationships-both friendly and
inimical. Issues that have been brewing come to the surface, and work you've
put into key partnerships pays off. Speaking of payoffs, Jupiter (planet of
gain) has been working his way through your house of "unearned income".
Don't be surprised by a good deal on a loan, a dividend from a mutual fund or
an inheritance of some sort. As this is also the house of personal
transformation, you may notice your sense of self expanding in subtle ways.
After October 22, Jupiter turns his attention to your relationships. I don't
expect you'll mind too much.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Is your commitment to personal and professional goals less than rock solid
of late? If you could only figure out exactly what's behind all the
confusion. The best approach may be to give up trying and just see what
happens, but that's never easy for a scorpion. Word is you often sting
yourselves to death before releasing prey. Other images traditionally
associated with your sign provide healthier models--How about an eagle riding
the wind toward parts unknown or, better yet, a phoenix succumbing to death
and then rising from the ashes more dazzling than ever? Through October 16th
your ancient ruler Mars will be boosting your earned income. As Mars passes
your modern ruler Pluto (planet of deep transformation) around September 15th
you may find yourself rethinking how you earn a living and what you really
value. This is especially potent energy for you, Scorpio-make sure you
direct it toward the highest possible purpose. (If you're holding on to
anger at someone, this would be an excellent time to let it go.) From
September 10 to October 7, Venus will be doing wonders for your professional
reputation and public image. After that, she'll be helping you feel more at
home in collective culture, while spicing up friendships and group
activities. More intimate relations may have been shaky lately, and the ones
that were no good for you may have broken off completely. But take heart.
Jupiter (planet of good fortune) will guide you in all matters of partnership
and commitment through October 22, so the decisions you're making are sure to
be for the best. You may find yourself more open and generous and less
suspicious than usual-without any lessening of your mysterious sexual
intensity. The September 25th full moon illuminates health and work issues.
You may discover important information about a health problem or solve some
nagging difficulty with someone you answer to on the job. I was going to
remind you to focus this energy, but focus has never been one of your

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Pluto's slow movement through your sign is transforming the lives of all
Sagittarians, although those of you born in November and early December have
felt the effects most intensely so far. Luckily, most archers enjoy adapting
to new circumstances. With energetic Mars also in your sign through October
15, you'll have more vitality than ever. Now is the time to shoot for the
stars. Aim that bow of yours toward your loftiest goals, and the universe
will deliver in ways even you never envisioned. When Mars passes Pluto
(planet of power and transformation) on September 15, you have a great
opportunity to release any hold habits and neuroses that have been holding
you back. To top it off, Venus is creating harmonious conditions for all your
favorite pursuits-teaching and learning, foreign travel and outdoor
activities, to name a few. Don't be afraid to be completely yourself--others
will be unusually receptive to your philosophical ruminations, idealism, and
pre-occupation meaning in the cosmic sense. The new moon on September 9
kicked off a new cycle in your career and professional life. Even though
details aren't your strong suit, there's great energy around for getting
organized. Do your resume and print up some extra business cards--chances
are you'll get some public attention. Through October 22, expansive Jupiter
(your ruler) may be prompting you to reframe your career path--is your work
serving causes that matter to you? You can also apply Jupiter's energy
toward health issues. This is an especially good time to consider your diet
or begin a new exercise program. (Saturn's solidifying influence helps with
the commitment part.) The full moon on September 25th highlights romance and
self expression for you-use the energy to finish creative projects or simply
have a fabulous time. A word of advice: honesty and diplomacy are not
mutually exclusive concepts. Take care not to blurt out hurtful words in the
heat of the moment. In a few days you might not even remember why you were
mad in the first place.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
With the dust clearing after this summer's series of eclipses, there's a lot
of re-organizing to be done. Even if you weren't exactly thrilled by the
changes, you might as well get in on the ground floor of the new regime.
Luckily, the September 9 new moon found you unusually open to questioning
your traditional theory and praxis. A long overdue trip might be the perfect
chance to let go and relax for a change. No one ever said you can't mix a
little pleasure with business. What else are expense accounts for? With
expansive, gregarious Jupiter in your fifth house through October 22, you
might try having what you've heard others describe as "fun". A special
someone may even find your wry comments and desert-dry wit, dare I say it,
romantic?! Since September 2, energetic Mars has been digging around in your
house of secrets, making you a bit uncomfortable and much less like
socializing than last month. If your sleep is disturbed by odd dreams, try
to take it in stride, especially around September 15 as Mars encounters
transforming Pluto. Try trusting your heightened intuitive powers, even if
they can't be explained by your current belief system. This week would be a
great time to release any negative ideas about your potential or work through
control issues that have been holding you back. The full moon on September
25th, casts her beams directly through your windows, illuminating relations
with family members and roommates-just one more force pushing you out of the
office this month. If you haven't gotten your garden ready for fall, this
might be the weekend. Also a nice time for improving your décor, if your
motivated. You could purchase a "new" antique, but that would require
re-arranging the furniture. Perhaps, with so much else going on, you should
just sit back in your favorite chair and indulge in a glass of the vintage
port you've been saving.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
Important partnerships on shaky ground lately? You can always blame the
summer's eclipses. It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with your
abstracted stance, cyberspace activities or all the time devoted to friends.
Aquarians born in January are in for some spectacularly unusual experiences,
thanks to the slow progress of Uranus (planet of unpredictable events)
through your sign. All this newness would be just fine with you, if things
would just hurry up and settle into a manageable structure. Try to be
patient, though. Venus comes to your rescue as a personal guide in all
matters of love and commitment from September 10 through October 7. After
that she'll be sending unexpected financial bonuses your way in the form of
inheritances or dividends from mutual funds. The new moon on September 9
offered a preview of this energy-take advantage of an opportunity to rethink
your personal boundaries and open yourself to receive more from the universe.
What could you let go of while still maintaining your core identity? Even
as with so much change happening, home life brings satisfaction due to
Jupiter beneficent influence. Relations with roommates and family should be
happy, even jovial through October 22. This is a great time to improve your
home or, if you really don't like it, move to a new one. Through October 16,
Mars will be revving up your social life, not that you really need help in
this area. You're personal electricity lightens up parties and networking
activities, especially around September 15th. Committees are also unusually
open to your progressive agenda and future-oriented visions. The full moon
on September 25 boosts your already refined communications skills. How about
calling up siblings or cousins, or visiting if they live nearby. Computer
systems run smoothly, and details fall into place in any new technologies
you've been exploring.

Pisces (February 29 - March 20)
Still grooving on the positive vibes and heightened psychic sensitivity from
the August 26th full moon in your sign? With the shake-ups from the summer's
eclipses, everyone's been dying to learn what you do best-forgive, forget,
tap in to cosmic consciousness and go with the flow. Speaking of flow, have
you checked out recent books by new age guru Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi? Now is
a great time to refine your already highly developed techniques for slipping
into states "optimal human experience." If you care to step down from the
ether, there's energy available for organizing your life a bit. A partner
may be trying to help, even if it feels like nit-picking criticism--on
September 9th, the new moon ushered in a new cycle in your one-on-one
relationships. From October 8 through November 8, Venus will also lend a
hand. Even someone who's openly antagonistic could push you in positive
directions. Get ready, little fish--you're going to be noticed this month.
Energizing Mars is moving through your house of career, public recognition
and awards from September 3 through October 16. If you've been hiding your
talents or letting others take credit, this is your moment to swim into the
spotlight. Make a special effort to focus around September 15, and you can
really transform the way you're perceived professionally. Others might even
see you as, dare I say it, an authority figure?! With the September 25 full
moon in your house of earned income, chances are you'll be financially
rewarded too. Part of the attention may be because friendly Jupiter's
sojourn in your house of communication. Not only have you been unusually
eloquent (in your own soft-spoken way, of course), but people have been
actually listening to your rhetorical subtleties. Now would be a good time
to finish drafts of old poems or revise musical compositions. Why not get
some of your psychedelic mental images down on canvas so posterity can enjoy
them too? Earthly fame is definitely in the stars for you, Pisces, whether or
not you care.